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South-Pacific National Leaders "We Advocate DPCW's Introduction to UN"
이현재 기자 기사입력  2019/02/22 [00:00]
The participants of '2019 Sydney Pacific Peace Leaders Meeting' are taking a picture in New South Wales Assembly Hall. 2019.2.19

Leaders of South Pacifiec nations promised that they will engage enthusiastically in supporting the introduction and adoption of the Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War(DPCW) in February 19th(local time). DPCW is the international law that Heavenly Culture, World Peace, Restoration of Light(HWPL) enacted in March, 2016.
HWPL hosted '2019 Sydney Pacific Peace Leaders Meeting' in New South Wales Assembly Hall. The meeting was held to encourage the nations that advocate peace to help introduce DPCW to UN General Assembly. 
High-ranking officials including Tuvalu Governor Iakoba Italeli, Papua New Guinea Chief Justice Gibbs Salika and the former president of Marshall Islands attended the meeting. 12 leaders from 8 countries including Iakoba Italeli signed the 'HWPL-South Pacific Comprehensive Agreement.'
'HWPL-South Pacific Comprehensive Agreement' Provided by Heavnly Culture, World Peace, Restoration of Light(HWPL). 2019.2.19
"I realized after learning about DPCW that we have to endeavor to build strong, peaceful nations. All the pacific leaders should examine DPCW to become a member of the world," said Salika. Moreover, he added that "we should be the champions of the peace in pacific regions and the world."
HWPL President Lee Man-hee emphasized that "We should achieve world peace today. We made an international law to bring peace since we need an international standard. Ending war and achieving peace will be the only eternal legacy to future generations."
The peace messengers of HWPL is urging for the support of DPCW from government officials, international law experts, leaders from various fields and heads of many youth and women groups. They are planning to return through Incheon International Airport in February 23rd. 

Translation: by Yu Su-won (dbtndnjs9574@outlook.kr)

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